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The private companies «Mining Enterprise «Antratsytugol» and «Coal-processing Plant «Centralnaya» constitute a stable tandem providing continuous mining and coal-enrichment process for high-grade Anthracites originating from Donbass region, Eastern Ukraine. Companies’ assets include coal mines and coal-processing complex which build up a solid technological chain from the very mine through concentration up to the delivery to the end-consumer.

Through years of intense activities at local and international markets the Companies established themselves as a solid supplier of low-sulphur coal concentrates of guaranteed quality.

The core products of «ME «Antratsytugol» and «CPP «Centralnaya» are following:

- advanced processing anthracite product – carburizer and special filtering agent;

- high-grade coal ranks of Donetsk coal fields Anthracite and Hard-coals: AK, AKO, AO, AM, AS, ASH, Tk. In addition, the new type of domestic heating fuel – composition of highly metamorphized and low- metamorphized coals – DG, G, ZH and Anthracite.

Exceptional quality specifications, low sulphur content and moderate pricing jointly provide tangible demand for our coal supplies at the international market. The products are well recognized in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, India, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

Development is a normal state of our companies. Production capacities are being technically upgraded, new energy- and resource-saving technologies find their place in the production process. New processing line for carburizer and filtering agent has been launched. The products are shipped in various packaging types: soft containers, big-bags, paper bags stacked on euro-pallet; maritime containers are also an option.

1400 tons in terms of daily capacity yielded from two longwlls will become attainable through engineering project which is under way for «Petrovenkovkaja #1» mine. The first power-supported longwall has already been commissioned.

The total reserve volumes of low-sulphur anthracites accessible via minefields of «Petrovenkovkaja #1» and other mines controlled by our companies reach 20 million tons. The joint raw material annual project capacity for our mines is about 1 million tons.

Under construction is the new railway connection between production sites and nearby railway hub «Petrovenki». This development will enable to streamline our logistic operations.

The specially conducted studies have proved that our coals can be attributed to the Ultra High Grade (UHG) coals. Ash content of the uncontaminated coal layer doesn’t exceed 2.8%, the total dry basis sulphur content is within 0.7%, dry basis carbon content is more than 93%.

This type of coal is a proved substitute for coke breeze used in thermoanthracite production as well as carburizer for PCI processes and in anthracite filtering agent production applied in industrial waters purification.

High electrical conductivity, oxidation and corrosive medium resistance combined with low abradability define wide usage envelope for our Anthracites. It is a high-grade fuel and basic raw material for multiple industrial applications.

yours faithfully

V. Zharchinskiy

the photo CPP “Centralnaya”